Kruger National Park 26 February

We arrived in Kruger National Park yesterday afternoon – so just over 24 hours ago, and already we are all a little bit ‘bored’ by elephants munching on trees a few metres from us, zebras so close to us we could have patted them if we’d been daft enough to try, and impalas – so many I’m even prepared to try and eat one myself just to reduce the population size!! We have been blessed with an abundance of game – I just have to see some lions and my ‘tick boxes’ will have been more than ticked. There were a few moments when our voices became a bit stressed in the car; the elephant that started to walk rather determinedly towards us yesterday afternoon on our side of the road – a matter of metres away from us, and Gerhard was mentally planning a handbrake turn in reverse gear at high speed; the black rhino we noticed through the bush as we drove, reversed up to and watched as the rhino ambled through the undergrowth. I was confident that we were fine (on the whole) although I must admit that it did perhaps get a bit tense as he headed towards us in order to cross the road and was by this stage a mere 3 or 4 metre from us. But then Gerhard got me back by finding a couple of white rhinos late this afternoon who a) looked seriously prehistoric (they are truly remarkable) and b) looked a little unimpressed with their preferred path to cross the road being occupied by several cars. I was a little worried that this rhino might just flick us out of his way. So to be honest by the time we saw a black rhino taking a bath this evening with a leopard alongside we were all quite nonchalant – if the wild game isn’t within 3 metres of us, I’m not sure if we’re very impressed anymore!!

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