The Sailor and the Albatross

A short story with a nautical theme by Helen Dudley to entertain Pascale + Peter during their night watch.

Helen admiring Cape Byron at sunset after a long watch.

Once upon a time there was a sailor who, while at sea shot + killed an albatross. For his crime he was condemned to remain at sea never putting foot to shore for the next 10 yrs.

When he learnt his fate he cursed the day he saw the albatross and wept for the life ashore that was now lost to him. For 10 long years he sailed the oceans counting down the days til he could return to the land + pining for his home.

At long last the great day came – the curse was lifted and he sailed into port + finally left the boat to stand on dry land. But everything had changed. The land seemed to move in a strange way making him feel sick. After the fresh air of the sea the smell of the land + people + pollution was overpowering. People + buildings semed to crowd around him. So he turned and returned to his boat + set back out to sea.