Trials and Tribulations in Trial Bay

I should’ve gone with logic… Am anchored in Trial Bay, facing the open ocean as the tide is too low to get into Macleay River. It’s pretty uncomfortable as it is still blowing 25 knots and there is a big swell, occasionally breaking. Not a restful place!

At least the anchor is secure and I’m facing into the wind and swell. Scary to see the 3 metre long 14mm nylon snubber stretch to about 4 metres every time a breaking wave lifts the boat. At least it is acting as a very effective shock absorber, but it is unnerving to work next to a line with that much load on it. Can’t imagine what would happen if should let go.

Hey ho, live and learn! Wind is meant to change/ abate after midnight so another 6 hours before it gets better.