Sunny Spells, Rainy Periods…

Anchored in Devils Hole Bay, Cowan Creek
Sunny Spells Indeed

The English weather forecast always contains these two possibilities, echoing the Yin and Yang of life, good times and bad times, sunny spells and rainy periods…

When I bought the first Sunny Spells she was named “Kindamindi” – Aboriginal for “to laugh”. On the forward bulkhead in the v-berth was a brass ornament confidently stating that “smiling makes you beautiful”!

Her name didn’t do much for me, but neither did the original name “Krafty One”, still visible on the locker covers. But what to re-christen her? It had to be something personal without being too clich├ęd. Also, it had to be something you could use on the VHF without cringing or spelling it out every time.

While in the UK for Hugo’s christening in 2007 I again teased Gilli about the weather, and non-committal forecasts. It was only a couple of months later that she had the brilliant idea: “Sunny Spells” could be the sunny spells amongst the inevitable rainy periods!

When the first Sunny Spells went to her new home, the new owner immediately changed her name. We were also asked to change the name of our new boat (‘Namadgi’, or aborignal for ‘Canberra’) so ‘Sunny Spells’ was dead, yet long live ‘Sunny Spells’!

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