Navigation Systems

Electronic Systems Diagram
System Diagram

Being a bit of a romantic, I do wish I knew how to use a sextant… However, it must be said that the thought of acquiring, carrying and updating all the attendant almanacs, tables etc. does not really appeal!

So I’ve ended up with a GPS chartplotter as the core of the navigation system. I have, at last count, six back-ups (if I count my IPad, Iphone, handheld VHF, AIS/GPS transponder, USB gps for the laptop…), including a floating, waterproof handheld with spare batteries inside a metal tin (insurance against lightning strikes…), inside the grab bag… I also carry paper charts, although it has to be said, they don’t get much use.

The system is built around a SIMRAD NSE12 chartplotterr, with SimNet/Ethernet integrating:

The chartplotter is mounted at the helm in a Navpod and the Autopilot and instruments are mounted on the forward cockpit bulkhead either side of the companionway.

I have the option to connect a laptop to theat the chart table, and run Digiboat’s Software-on-Board using a C-Map multi-media reader with the C-Map SD-card cartridge also used in the chartplotter. In practice the laptop gets little use! It’s great for passage planning though, and handy to check resources on GoogleEarth or update this blog…