Returning to Sydney…

Well, you have to face it and bite the bullet when you’re beaten! Checked the 7-day forecast this morning in three places (Brisbane Times, as well as the 7-day GRIB model from GRIB-US), and there is no way I can sail out of Mooloolaba until at least next weekend… forecast for the next week
graph courtesy of

The low off the Queensland coast is set to remain, with winds further boosted by a high pressure system pushing in south of it. Winds will remain above 20 knots with rain, heavy at times. This does not sound like fun in the sun!

Drying out before leaving her...

I’ve booked a flight back to Sydney for 1300 today – no point hanging around – and now I’m off to sort out what I do with Sunny Spells… Must try and dry her out a bit first!

At least Mooloolaba is an inexpensive place to leave a boat. Anchoring out front, free of charge, is an option, but I might try and strike a deal with John at the marina.