DAY 14: We’re still alive

Made 143nm for the 24 h. Slow considering the wind but with only the small #3 headsail and big seas this is consistent with our conservative sail plane and the (unexpected) half a knot of current against us (GRIB showed a west setting current of up to a knot). Wind is now at 15-20 knots from the east with 2-3m easterly long period groundswell and shorter period NNE sea of about 1m over that. Still pretty rolly and not worth putting more sail up. We both got a solid 4 h sleep on our off watches as there was nothing to do for the watch keeper except stay awake, keep a lookout and hang on during the wild gyrations. Expect to make the anchorage in Djibouti in the early h tomorrow morning.

Position 12° 13.390′ N 45° 18.974′ E
COG 250T
SOG 5.4kt
Log 9,743 nm
Engine 215.0 h

Lat 12.223167: Lon 45.316233