Badia de Fornells, Minorca

Motored the 18 miles from Mahón in absolutely calm conditions and dropped anchor here around 1:30PM. Lovely protected Anchorage, some water sports (dinghy sailing).

We transferred 140 litres of diesel from the jerry cans to the main tank and also pumped about 20 litres from the auxiliary tank to the main. We now have exactly 210 litres usable diesel in the tank (70 hours motoring or 420nm @ 6kt), and one jerry with 20 litres as reserve of last resort. With 550nm left to Gibraltar we need to either sail 130 miles of that or buy another 65 litres of diesel somewhere along the Spanish coast. Engine hours 856.6.

We were going to go ashore to explore and get some groceries but we’re exhausted after the diesel transfer. Also, after the beauty of old Mahón en Teulera anchorage, the modern tourist village with (expensive) shops and cafés was not an incentive to do the 15 minute dinghy ride.

So we started beer o’clock a bit early in stead!