Cala Nau, Mallorca

Crossed to Mallorca from Minorca and stopped at Cala Nau, Bahiá de Artá for the night. This is marked as “a great spot for provisioning” by the Navionics community, and it indeed has a Lidl supermarket within walking distance of the beach. Other than this not a lot to recommend it as it is a pretty tacky tourist spot with dozens of hotels and beach chairs.

Landing the dinghy was a challenge as the beaches are out of bounds and buoyed. We went to the rocks in the corner of the bay and managed to land Maria safely with two trolleys. Unfortunately she twisted her ankle on the rocks when she came back.

The anchorage was very comfortable in the prevailing light conditions and we dropped a stern anchor again to hold Sunny Spells bow to the wind in the 3 inch swell from the south-east.

Very comfortable indeed, at beer o’clock