Las Palmas to Cabo Verde, Day 5

Sunny conditions with not a cloud in the sky!

Sailplan for last 24 hours was #3 genoa poled out to port (weather side) and staysail poled out to starboard (lee side).

We sailed very conservatively the last 24 hours due to concerns about the reliability of the autopilot, especially when going faster. The staysail was up throughout, but the #3 was part furled most of the time as it was gusty and we were making consistent 6.5 to 7.5 knots of boat speed still.


After an uneventful night with the wind and swell slowly abating, we rolled the Genoa out fully this morning at sunrise. The captain  is very grateful for a good night’s sleep, made possible by the crew!

We are now sailing very comfortably, making 7 to 7.5 knots boat speed in 1 – 2m seas from behind. Looks like we will reach Cabo Verde later on Tuesday given the latest forecast and the lighter conditions will prevail until then.


We will probably stop at Cabo Verde, even if it is just overnight, so everyone can have a night off. The forecast is for very light conditions west of Cabo Verde next week, so we may check in at Mindelo and wait a few days for better wind. The ship’s engineer  also wants to do a full inspection of the steering system and autopilot and possibly make some adjustments. Only possible when not underway.

We had a fair wind between 10 and 14 knots, sailing at a very nice pace on seas getting smaller and more regular every hour. So far we’ve made just over 90 miles since 8:30AM.

Joy of joys, Gabriele landed a small Mahi Mahi just before lunch, and most of it was devoured shortly after with couscous and roast vegetables. Living the dream!

Getting it on board was a bit Laurel & Hardy 🤣

The wind is now quite light, under 10 knots true, but we are still making 4.5 to 6 knots, generally in the direction of Mindelo, Cabo Verde. All other boats around us on AIS have also slowed down (not that it’s a race, or anything like that, of course…).

Looking forward to quiet night of gentle sailing, Aeolus and the autopilot permitting.