Scawfell Island

After a very rolly night at Middle Percy Island, we set sail for Scawfell Island at 0645 on Saturday 5 February 2008. The forecast promised 20 to 25 knot south-eaterlies so we played it safe: poled-out no.2 genoa and main by the lee. The wind averaged around 15 knots all day and we managed a consistent 6 to 7 knots boat speed. By 1630 we were dropping the hook in Refuge Bay, Scawfell Island.

Crew paddling out to snorkel in Refuge Bay, Scawfell Island

We spent a lazy day at anchor, snorkelling and fishing (I should say angling because we caught nothing…). In the evening we played a game of monopoly, which the skipper won despite the collaborative best efforts of the crew to prevent him by any means, however devious – sorry guys!

Monopoly in Refuge Bay!