Stuck at Flinders Island

On Sunday morning the forecast westerlies hit around 10AM and it was soon gustin 42 knots. We were very grateful to be tied up to barge in the boat harbour at Lady Barron. The owner of the barge was not (happy, that is) but I politely declined to move as we were all safe.

Sunrise ove Bass Strait

The girls went scouting and we were offered a tour of the island by a lovely local chap (Peter).

Once the wind abated a bit we moved and rafted up to a lovely little timber shark-fisher called ‘Spiritus Sanctus’ that came in at the height of the gale with a leak(!). Richo and Shaky helped us tie up and we were then really snug, tucked in behind the wharf.

While moving the boat I realized that there was very little water coming out the exhaust and later determined that some kelp had blocked the inlet just before the strainer. Better to find this out while in port!

It was a wild three days and I had little sleep, getting increasingly anxious as the days wore on and it felt as it would blow like this forever. Getting out with Peter around the island on Tuesday was just such a relief and we had a great day. Photos will be posted on Facebook.