St Helens Marine Rescue Activities, Summer 2010

Motor Vessel Mame Escorted over St Helens Barway

It has once again been been a busy summer for the St Helens Marine Rescue Association. Their radio logs show that during this period they:

  • logged 3,012 radio transmissions on VHF;
  • logged 262 radio transmissions on UHF Channel 94; and
  • provided assistance and tracking to a total of 793 vessels, carrying a total of 2,245 persons.

Their rescue boat activities comprised:

  • thirty-five (35) escorts over the barway;
  • eight (8) assists and/or tows of vessels;
  • assisting with three (3) police call-outs; and
  • assisting the Tasmanian Police with one (1) rescue.

In total, they helped 47 vessels into the safety of St Helens/Georges Bay, carrying 121 persons. The value of the vessels assisted to safety is estimated at over $10 million.