I thought cruisers only go downwind?

Pretty consistent 12-15 knots of NNE breeze now. Everything sheeted drum tight to sail the 30 degree/18 knot apparent wind on this heading to clear Kadmat Island, the last obstacle before we leave the Lakshadweep. Seeing consistent 7.5 knots boat speed, but we have just over a knot of current against us – ?so sad?. 50% waxing moon casting a lpale glow on the ocean. All credit to North Sails, our 10 year old Dacron main and the 8 year old Dyneema/Mylar no 2 genoa still set beautifully and flat. Seas are pretty flat so it’s a bit like inshore racing :-). At the moment it looks like it will be late Monday before the wind moves more North and then NNE.

Position 11° 08.390′ N 73° 27.291′ E
COG 295T
SOG 6.3kt

Lat 11.139833: Lon 73.454850