DAY 6: Somewhere middle of the Ariabian Sea

Wind 010 at 12-15kt. Made 159 miles on day 5 and 705 miles since departing Cochin (141 miles per day average). Sea state has abated and we have a little west setting current from behind. Had 3 reefs in the main and only 25 percent headsail from 23:00 to 07:00 (UTC+5) and averaged less than 6 knots for the 8 hours. Still have two reefs in main and headsail rolled away to first reef. Sailing pretty upright without too much roll.

Position 12° 52.783′ N 64° 56.269′ E
COG 278T
SOG 5.2kt
Engine 142.0 h

Lat 12.879717: Lon 64.937817

Watch change at 0100 UTC+5

Some unsettled weather and cloud to the south has reinforced the NE breeze, gusting up to 25 knots at times. Sea state is lumpy up to 1.5m on the beam. Progressively shortened sail until we had 3 reefs in main and only 25 percent headsail showing at 2300. Still doing 8 knots in the gusts and then wallowing/rolling at 5.5 knots in between.

Position 12° 48.024′ N 65° 29.921′ E
COG 278T
SOG 5.7kt

Lat 12.800400: Lon 65.498683

Batteries topped off and water tanks full

Back to sailing after 4 hours of motor-sailing. Total motoring since Cochin 28 hours (or 84 litres @ 3 litres/hour) so doing much better than anticipated on the diesel front. True wind is now well and truly abaft the beam, around 100 degrees at 10-12 knots. With the south setting current and our forward speed we have an apparent angle of 70-80 degrees, Very comfortable. Still making 6 to 7 knots over the ground and keeping ahead of our PredictWind weather route.

Position 12° 35.646′ N 67° 06.802′ E
COG 289T
SOG 6.3kt

Lat 12.594100: Lon 67.113367

DAY 5: And the good weather continues unabated

Wind has veered to NNE and eased to about 10 knots Sea state is calm with a northerly swell of less than half a meter. Also have about a knot of south setting current pushing us south and slowing us by about half a knot. Batteries at -321Ah, so motor sailing to charge batteries. Peaceful night was had by all, sailing under a 60% waxing moon. Greatest challenge during watch is to stay awake! Sunrise is noticeably later now (around 7:30) so we’ll turn back the clocks to UTC+5:00 today.

Position 12° 30.620′ N 67° 33.235′ E
COG 276T
SOG 6.7kt
Engine 138.0 h

Lat 12.510333: Lon 67.553917