DAY 2, 24 Hour Log, 11,000 miles since Sydney

Made 147nm for the 24 hours, not bad given we were thrashing ourselves into wind, sea and current. Winds dropped to below 10 knots at midnight and went dead on the nose. We are still motoring under triple-reefed main. We are heading for Dolphin reef, 45nm to go. Should be there by 4pm. At our current rate of progress we’ve done about 1,000nm per month since leaving Sydney on 28 April last year!

Position 23° 32.897′ N 36° 28.757′ E
COG 327T
SOG 6.2kt
Log 11,001 nm
Engine 353.1 h

Lat 23.548283: Lon 36.479283

Heading for Dolphin Reef, onward plans

The latest GRIB weather looks much less attractive (or maybe I’m just reading the, through the eyes of someone who’s beaten to windward all day!). Consistent northerlies are forecast for at least the next week, with some periods of fairly strong wind on Wednesday. We may have to re-group to Plan B and day sail up the Egyptian coast until we see a decent window of calm or more favourable wind.

Position 23° 05.625′ N 36° 48.846′ E
COG 327T
SOG 5.1kt

Lat 23.093750: Lon 36.814100