Foul Bay, living up to its name

We’ve made 73 miles in the first 12 hours, under sail except for the first couple of miles getting out of the reefs. It’s been hard work though. We’ve been close hauled for most of the day in a pretty messy sea and with up to 1.5 knots of current against us. So we’ve regularly seen boat speeds of over 8 knots, yet averaged just over 6. At 8 knots into a lumpy sea we are launching off waves half the time, and half under them the other half. At least the dust has been washed off the decks!

Position 22° 37.429′ N 37° 08.984′ E
COG 325T
SOG 6.9kt

Lat 22.623817: Lon 37.149733

Heading north-east in Foul Bay

We left Marsa Oseif around 6am this morning. Until about noon it was quite windy with seas a little uncomfortable at around 1 to 1.5m with an occasional breaker, but now (1pm) it is lovely. We have been sailing since we came out of the reef around 7am, close-hauled and initially with one reef in the main sail. Once the winds dropped to about 15 knots at midday we took out the reef. Seas are a lot better now with no breaking waves. We are looking forward to the afternoon sea breeze when we will tack to close the western shore of the Red Sea again. Depending on conditions and the forecast we may anchor at either Dolphin Reef or off Sharm Luli tomorrow night. If the forecast is good we will press on for Suez!

Position 22° 15.461′ N 37° 13.391′ E
COG 025T
SOG 6.1kt

Lat 22.257683: Lon 37.223183