DEPARTURE: Massawa, Eritrea

Cleared formalities on board with helpful and friendly Awat from Immigration. We have our Port Clearance and were thanked by Port Control for visiting and wished Bon voyage. We are really glad we visited Eritrea. Weather is wind still, glassy seas and overcast. Masses of seaweed everywhere, not what you want to sea when motoring.

Position 15° 36.757′ N 39° 28.406′ E
COG 018T
SOG 3.0kt
Log 10,315 nm
Engine 275.4 h

Lat 15.612617: Lon 39.473433

Unexpectedly good sail up the South Mits’wa Channel

The westerly land breeze stuck with us till 10, giving us 3 hours of beautiful windward sailing in smooth water. The 8-12 knots was just enough to sail close-hauled at 6-7 knots. The long groundswell is still from the south-east (behind) making the motion almost hypnotic, like being slowly rocked to sleep.

Position 15° 17.951′ N 40° 15.792′ E
COG 313T
SOG 4.2kt

Lat 15.299183: Lon 40.263200