Southport – Sydney, 20/09/2008

We’re still flying along, making 9 to 10 knots SoG (speed over the ground) on average. The current is between 2.5 and 3 knots behind us, 20 miles offshore!

I decided to put the kite up this morning. What a drama! Sarah, Vicky and George had packed it beautifully with rubber bands in July, and it went up just perfectly. We sheeted on, the rubber bands snapped and we were flying. All good, until Sebastian inadvertently disengaged the Autohelm… Got it wrapped round the forestay then got knocked flat just as Sebastian and Bobby got it untangled. Threw the after guy off and just blew it off…

With the genoa set I ordered the kite re-packed, complete with rubber bands. This time I stood on the helm while they popped it. Sheet on and suddenly I have bucking wild animal in my hands! She’s surfing at 11 knots boat speed! That’s 4 knots over hull speed! I managed half an hour of this before terror overcame exhiliration… Blew her off, hauled the kite in, set the poled out genoa again and Bobby and Sebastian packed the kite like pros this time!

Flying kites takes concentration!