ARRIVAL: Gezirat Wadi Gimal

After a day of mostly motoring and a couple of hours windward sailing in lumpy seas we anchored in calm water in 12m over sand and coral patches. Very snug. One could certainly ride out a gale here, as long as it is from the North-East.

Position 24° 37.126′ N 35° 10.843′ E
COG 329T
SOG 2.4kt
Log 11,098 nm
Engine 367.9 h

Lat 24.618767: Lon 35.180717

DEPARTURE: Dolphin Reef

Woke up to NW winds of about 10 knots and a forecast for lighter winds all day until about midnight. It means motoring, but we will put 46 miles in the bank by going to Gez Wadi Gimal today while conditions allow. Missed out on snorkelling Dolphin Reef unfortunately.

Position 24° 09.478′ N 35° 42.451′ E
COG 042T
SOG 0.0kt
Log 11,051 nm
Engine 360.9 h

Lat 24.157967: Lon 35.707517