ARRIVAL: Qad Al Tawila Anchorage

Blowing 20kt from north and the last hour was a bit messy. We are anchored next to Arbutus and it is fairly secure. Sunny Spells is hobby-horsing a bit as there’s a bit of a chop, but it’s not uncomfortable while we point into it.

Position 29° 44.272′ N 32° 36.544′ E
COG 017T
SOG 3.1kt
Log 11,473 nm
Engine 425.9 h

Lat 29.737867: Lon 32.609067

Northern Suez Gulf, 60 miles to go to Port Suez

Uneventful night, light southerly winds and a little rolly. By all accounts we’ve had a pretty easy passage in the Gulf of Suez so far, motoring all night with light winds from the south. The sea is a little lumpy and it is a bit rolly at this angle. The shipping and multitude of (lit) oil platforms did not present any difficulty, as long as one stayed awake! We’ve now put full sail up and poled out the headsail on the weather side. That’s added about half a knot to our speed, maybe a knot in the gusts.

Position 28° 45.158′ N 33° 00.065′ E
COG 337T
SOG 6.2kt

Lat 28.752633: Lon 33.001083