ARRIVAL: Sha’ab Marsa Alam Reef

Picked up a mooring and went for another snorkel. Ariel1 arrived an hour or so later. Nicely sheltered, at least as good as Samadei Reef. The snorkelling was nice and an easy swim from the mooring. Vertical bommie sides with nice overhangs and caves. Nothing spectacular fish wise was seen, but the coral in the upper 2 to 3m is healthy with a good diversity of hard and soft corals.

Position 25° 01.369′ N 34° 57.512′ E
COG 338T
SOG 3.1kt
Log 11,127 nm
Engine 375.1 h

Lat 25.022817: Lon 34.958533

DEPARTURE: Samadei Reef

After a visit from what appeared to be a group of marine scientists the previous evening, we moved 5 miles north to Shab Marsa Alam. Winds were about 12 knots on the bow with a short, steep swell of about 1 to 1.5m. Not pleasant conditions for making miles.

Position 24° 59.098′ N 34° 59.825′ E
COG 317T
SOG 3.1kt
Log 11,120 nm
Engine 372.9 h

Lat 24.984967: Lon 34.997083

Corona Virus and Onward Plans

We have been corresponding with various people in the last 24 hours regarding COVID-19 and it’s impact on our plans. Europe, including Cyprus and Croatia, have closed their borders to foreign nationals. Suez is still allowing transit of yachts, but all Egyptian Red Sea ports are also closed to us. We have truly become citizens of the Republic of Sunny Spells. We have food and fuel to last us 6 weeks/800 miles respectively and a watermaker, so we are okay for the time being. We will try and re-provision and take diesel in Port Suez before heading into the Mediterranean for we know not where. Time will tell where we will find a safe port that will accept us.

Position 24° 59.100′ N 34° 59.825′ E
COG 180T
SOG 0.0kt

Lat 24.985000: Lon 34.997083

ARRIVAL: Samadai Reef

Motored all the way in light headwinds and big swell. Picked up one of the public moorings on the advice of our friends on Ariel1, who we last saw in Dolphin Reef. Went for a snorkel to check out mooring. Tackle appears very new, less than 6 months old but appears to be anchored to reef below the sand as the chain comes out of the sand with no mooring block visible.

Position 24° 57.457′ N 35° 00.910′ E
COG 329T
SOG 1.9kt
Log 11,120 nm
Engine 372.9 h

Lat 24.957617: Lon 35.015167