Update from HF Sked at 1500UTC, 08/02/2020

Libert‚ and Arbutus heading down the IRTC towards Djibouti. Libert‚ saw a warship today. Wind in the Gulf of Aden is NE at 10 knots. Bird O’Passage about 10 hours from Socotra. Our conditions are comfortable with 15 to 18 knots from the NE, well aft of the beam. About a 1m swell and, as always when going downwind, it’s a bit rolly.

Position 13° 50.911′ N 58° 07.055′ E
COG 284T
SOG 5.8kt

Lat 13.848517: Lon 58.117583

DAY 8: Wind veering for a more downwind angle

wind NE at 15 knots. The wind is now well and truly abaft the beam and it is taking more attention to heading to keep the sails filled in light air. Some traffic in the early morning h, including a couple of tankers and two fishing vessels.

Position 13° 40.262′ N 59° 23.587′ E
COG 284T
SOG 6.2kt
Log 8,834 nm
Engine 145.0 h

Lat 13.671033: Lon 59.393117