Midnight (in India,anyway)

Wind has dropped to about 10 knots. Still sailing a close reach with two reefs, managing 5-6 knots in the water. About a knot of current against us. Sea state is pretty good. Smacking off the occasional wave when speed builds. Can’t be bothered to shake reefs out now so we’ll keep going like this till sunrise. We’ve made about 96 miles since departure so we should hit around 125 miles for the first 24 hours.

Position 10° 29.942′ N 74° 59.109′ E
COG 276T
SOG 5.5kt

Lat 10.499033: Lon 74.985150

Close hauled in 15 knot Nor’easter

As the sun went down the wind came up. Always the way! After trying three different sail plans we are now chugging along with full No 2 Genoa and 2 reefs in the main. Making between 6 and 7.5 knots depending on the gust. Going west instead of north-west, but that’s preferable to motoring. There’s so many fishing buoys etc. a fouled prop is inevitable when motoring in the dark.

Position 10° 31.588′ N 75° 22.314′ E
COG 262T
SOG 5.4kt

Lat 10.526467: Lon 75.371900

Gone Swimming to do Underwater Check

Stopped mid-ocean to go for a swim and underwater check. No wind/ glassed out so just stopped the motor. Put a rope out just in case but it just floated next to the boat. Hull is pretty clean except for about a 3 inch wide slime strip just on the water line. Nothing on prop or rudder. Water temperature 30 degrees and deep turquoise – was rather nice.

Position 10° 14.581′ N 75° 46.031′ E
COG 307T
SOG 5.4kt

Lat 10.243017: Lon 75.767183

15 Miles Offshore Cochin

Wind has now dropped to nothing. Dropped the staysail on deck and 3 reefs in main to reduce flogging. Motoring at 1800 RPM making 5.1 to 5.6 knots over the ground. The updated Iridium eMail app works! Managed to receive all our waiting email and send messages, including daily position report to UKMTO. Relief all round.

Position 10° 06.442′ N 75° 58.353′ E
COG 308T
SOG 5.3kt

Lat 10.107367: Lon 75.972550