The Red Sea is full of tuna

Caught another small Mackerel Tuna on the troll, third one in 4 days. We made a huge red Thai curry couple of days ago with about two thirds of the first two, enough for three meals. Planning a pile of tuna-avocado nori rolls for tonight using the avo’s from the Djibouti fresh market.

Position 15° 24.130′ N 40° 07.429′ E
COG 308T
SOG 6.0kt

Lat 15.402167: Lon 40.123817

Unexpectedly good sail up the South Mits’wa Channel

The westerly land breeze stuck with us till 10, giving us 3 hours of beautiful windward sailing in smooth water. The 8-12 knots was just enough to sail close-hauled at 6-7 knots. The long groundswell is still from the south-east (behind) making the motion almost hypnotic, like being slowly rocked to sleep.

Position 15° 17.951′ N 40° 15.792′ E
COG 313T
SOG 4.2kt

Lat 15.299183: Lon 40.263200

Off to Massawa today, about 50 miles

Weighed anchor at 7am, a mere 15 minutes after the alarm went off. Wind had veered to the west during the early hours so we were pointing in the opposite direction to when we anchored. Anchor came up clean, and we were not surprised as it skipped a couple of times when we set it, so the bottom is probably similar to the shore – looks like a shale rock and sand. We made sail straightaway, making use of the 8-12 knot land breeze and lest we should foul the propeller again with the seaweed that’s everywhere.

Position 15° 05.070′ N 40° 19.316′ E
COG 035T
SOG 3.2kt

Lat 15.084500: Lon 40.321933