Update from HF Sked at 15:00 on 11/02/2020

Libert‚ about 100nm from Djibouti. They have strong (25kt) NNW wind coming down the Red Sea. Seas are rough and they are making 3 knots. Arbutus have about 200 miles to go. Motoring in calm conditions. Moana is forming the rear guard in the Arabian Sea, making 2 knots under spinnaker. Sunny Spells sighted and contacted by Indian Warship.

Position 13° 52.636′ N 50° 55.330′ E
COG 248T
SOG 5.7kt

Lat 13.877267: Lon 50.922167

Gulf of Aden in calm conditions

We have motored continuously for 36 hours now and will probably motor another 36 hours before a fairly strong Easterly will make our last 48 hours into Djibouti a bit challenging. We are in the ?High Risk Area? (HRA), following the ?Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor? (IRTC) towards the entrance of the Red Sea at Bab El Mandeb. Yemen, a war zone, lies 70 odd nautical miles to the North and Somalia, a den of pirates (and not Johnny Depp either) about 120 miles to the south. Coalition forces secure the flow of cargo and oil and we are the beneficiaries of the free world’s willingness to pay to keep the arteries of global trade safe by deploying warships and surveillance aeroplanes.

Position 14° 08.243′ N 51° 45.914′ E
COG 258T
SOG 5.7kt

Lat 14.137383: Lon 51.765233

It’s a tough life

Sitting on deck on a soft cushion, enjoying the cool morning breeze coming off the Saudi peninsula, looking out over a glassy sea with a coffee at hand. After 10 days at sea it feels like one could sustain this rhythm indefinitely.

Position 14° 09.737′ N 51° 51.636′ E
COG 255T
SOG 5.7kt

Lat 14.162283: Lon 51.860600