(UPDATED) Fish of the Red Sea: Barracuda

So we caught one of these while I was doing some emails? apparently, according to our ?illustrated fish of the world? Barracuda ?SHOULD NOT BE EATEN? (yes, in red capital letters). Off to consult the offline Wikipedia? wish I’d known before killing the bugger and then cleaning and gutting him. UPDATE: Large Barracuda species have been implicated in Ciguatera poisoning. This is a smaller species, Blackfin Barracuda, only about 1.5kg, so we should be fine. Wikipedia also says it’s good for smoking!

Position 18° 26.750′ N 38° 59.591′ E
COG 343T
SOG 6.3kt

Lat 18.445833: Lon 38.993183

LOG: Red Sea, East of Ras Abu Yabis

Motoring on a calm sea with light (< 5kt) northerly breeze. Made good miles overnight with about 0.2kt of north setting current in our favour. Made 158nm for the 24 hours since leaving Massawa. The sea weed that's been plaguing us since before Massawa seems to have gone now and there's even some flying fish about. Two big, battle-scarred dolphins came round for a little social in the bow wave this morning and then cruised off after 5 minutes or so.

Position 18° 08.190′ N 39° 04.114′ E
COG 345T
SOG 6.6kt
Log 10,480 nm
Engine 294.0 h

Lat 18.136500: Lon 39.068567