I thought cruisers only go downwind?

Pretty consistent 12-15 knots of NNE breeze now. Everything sheeted drum tight to sail the 30 degree/18 knot apparent wind on this heading to clear Kadmat Island, the last obstacle before we leave the Lakshadweep. Seeing consistent 7.5 knots boat speed, but we have just over a knot of current against us – ?so sad?. 50% waxing moon casting a lpale glow on the ocean. All credit to North Sails, our 10 year old Dacron main and the 8 year old Dyneema/Mylar no 2 genoa still set beautifully and flat. Seas are pretty flat so it’s a bit like inshore racing :-). At the moment it looks like it will be late Monday before the wind moves more North and then NNE.

Position 11° 08.390′ N 73° 27.291′ E
COG 295T
SOG 6.3kt

Lat 11.139833: Lon 73.454850

We’ve turned a corner now

And the wind turned with us? and died. Motoring on a glassed out sea now and contemplating dinner after having a solid 3 hour afternoon nap. It is such a shame one is not permitted to stop anywhere here in the Lakshadweep. Looks amazing on the chart, with atolls rising up from over a thousand meters and coral fringed lagoons.

Position 10° 59.921′ N 73° 45.474′ E
COG 296T
SOG 4.8kt

Lat 10.998683: Lon 73.757900

Engine off, close reaching

Couple of squalls/ convective cells around. As a result we have 10-15 knots on the beam and close reaching on a heading of 320 degrees, a brisk trot of 6 to 7 knots! Hoping for a good downpour as Sunny Spells is pretty salty after the night of close-hauled sailing into wind and sea. Have been quite productive this morning, made water and topped off the tank, washed the front clear plastics and washed down the cockpit sole. Oh, and non-stop eating/grazing.

Position 10° 40.891′ N 74° 05.390′ E
COG 322T
SOG 5.5kt

Lat 10.681517: Lon 74.089833